Rodon FM


Γιώργος Βάκαλος 25-6-2018

Mario Batkociv – Restrictus
Soap&Skin – Italy
Motorama – Kissing the Ground
Haiku Salut – The more and moreness
C.A.R. – Dick Schaffrath
Steve Hauschildt – M Path
Manu Delago – Parasol Woods
Grandbrothers – Bloodflow
Alien Stadium – This one’s for the humans
UNKLE – Looking for the rain
Marissa Nadler – Blue Vapor
Natalie Prass – Hot for the mountain
Warpaint – Don’t let go
The Chills – Snow Bound
Bonobo – No Reason
Chapelier Fou – Artifices
Nalyssa Green – Πέφτοντας
The Saxophones – Singing Desperately
Norah Jones – A song with no name
Marisa Anderson – Slow Ascent
Rob Lewis – Pines
Masayoshi Fujita – Fog
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Song for Bob