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Ιούλιος-Αύγουστος 2017

Arcade Fire – Put Your Money On Me (Merge Records/Feelgood Records)

Ariel Pink – Feels Like Heaven (Mexican Summer)

Belle And Sebastian – We Were Beautiful (Matador/Feelgood Records)

Benedek – On My Way (Leaving Records)

Bop & 291out – Che Male Ce (Early Sounds Recordings)

Buttering Trio – Little Goat/Iza Ktana (Raw Tapes)

Childhood – Californian Light (House Anxiety/Marathon Artists)

Ducktails – Map To The Stars (New Images Limited)

Florzinho – I’ll Always Love You/Schwarz & Funk Music (Cyron Music & Art Productions)

Ghostpoet – Freakshow (PIAS)

Grizzly Bear – Neighbors (RCA)

Hercules And Love Affair – Omnion Feat.Sharon Van Etten (BMG)

King Elephant – Ability,Sility,Wility (Bandcamp)

Lana Del Rey – Tomorrow Never Came Feat.Sean Ono Lennon (Polydor Records)

LCD Soundsystem – Tonite (DFA/Feelgood Records)

Leon Of Athens – Fire Inside You (EMI/Universal)

Mogwai – Party In The Dark (Rock Action)

Nadine Shah – Holiday Destination (1965 Records)

Peter Perrett – An Epic Story (Domino Records)

Post Lovers – Melbourne/Going Anyway (Inner Ear Records)

RPR – Felt (Bandcamp)

St.Vincent – New York (Caroline International)

Tendts – Gold Silk/Palmbomen II Remix (Lower Parts)

The Horrors – Something To Remember Me (Caroline International)

The Mystic Jungle Tribe – Mass Mirage (Periodica Records)

The National – Guilty Party (4ad/Feelgood Records)

The War On Drugs – Up All Night (Atlantic Records)

Tricky – The Only Way (K7 Records)

Troels Hammer – Sunrise At Beira Beach (Music For Dreams) (C) 2016