Rodon FM


Γιώργος Βάκαλος 15-11-2022

Βασίλης Νικολαΐδης – Μουντιάλ
Royel Otis – Oysters in My Pocket
Motorama – Wind in Her Hair
Haunted Youth – Teen Rebel
Dumb – Pull Me Up
Gold Zebra – La Ville
Kill Emil & Danai Nielsen – Creeping
Gold Panda – The Corner
Theodore – Voyage (Max Cooper Remix)
Daphne And The Fuzz – Dive
The White Buffalo – Not Today
Dominic Maker – In your eyes
Passenger – Blink of an Eye
Woom – Unfucktheworld
Daniel Spaleniak – So Long
Heather Trost – Blue Fish
Sharon Van Etten – Born
Lady Maisery – Noughts and crosses
Knifeplay – Ryan Song
Electric Litany – Window
Chelsea Carmichael – Bone And Soil
David Blake – Play Dead
Tango with Lions – Tower
Decision to Leave – Seorae (Ending Theme)


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