Rodon FM


Γιώργος Βάκαλος 28-11-2023


Reverend Kristin Michael Hayter – All Of My Friends Are Going To Hell
Martin Phipps – Josephine
Γιώργος Κωστογιώργης – Κελάιδισμα
Jimmy Whoo – To the moon
The Ironsides – The web
Metropolin feat. Daniella Tourgeman – Another Life
Echo Tides – Η Αόρατη Κορδέλα
Police Des Moeurs – Incertitude et dιmission
Ash Code – Drama
Autumn – A Night In June
Lebanon Hanover – Babes of the 80s
Trisomie 21 – Million Lights
The Names – Music for someone
Motorama – Next to me
Agar Agar – Fake Names
Nabihah Iqbal – This world couldn’t see us
Camp Claude – Game Boys
Παιδί Τραύμα – Τρομακτικό
Ghost Woman – Alright Alright
Tuber – Joyful Science
Guided by voices – For the home
Other Lives – We wait
Palatine – La Sentinelle Amadouée
Hearts – For the sky
Flavien Berger – La Fete Noire
Biosphere – Surface Tension


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