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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 02/08/2021

Με τον Κυριάκο Σκορδά

Κάθε Δευτέρα βράδυ 8.00 -10.00 μ.μ.

Στο ΡΟΔΟΝ FM 95.00 –

Αυτά παίξαμε στην εκπομπή της 2ας Αυγούστου 2021

You can listen all the 2hours radio show on mixcloud


LUCY DACUS – HOT AND HEAVY (from Home Video, Matador records 2021)
KINGS OF CONVENIENCE (feat. Feist) – LOVE IS A LOVELY THING (from Norway with the Canadian singer of Feist, album Peace Of Love, Virgin records 2021)
ΜATT LOW – VERT POMME (from France, album La ruee vers l’or, 2021)
SEBASTIAN RAYNOLS – CROWS (from Swindon UK, from Ep Crows, Faith and Industry records 2021)
THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS – WORK ENERGY PRINCIPLES (from Manchester, the Darkness That You Fear, EMI 2021)
KRUST – HEGEL DIALECT (UNCLE reconstruction) (from Bristol, Crosstown rebels records 2021 – Crosstown Rebels present the third in a trio of EPs featuring reworks from Krust’s lauded masterpiece ‘The Edge Of Everything’. The selection of top-drawer artists delighted to rub shoulders with the revered master now adds UNKLE, Hodge and DJ Nature to a list that has seen Masters At Work, Four Tet, Damian Lazarus, Batu, Calibre, LCY and Flynn)

GUDRUN GUT & MABE FRATTI – AUFREGEND (the great collaboration of Gudrun Gut form Germany and Mabe Fratti from Guatelamala, album Let’s Talk About The Weather, Umor-Rex records 2021)
AROOJ AFTAB – SUROOR (from Pakistan, album Vulture Prince, New Amsterdam records 2021)
MONO – RIPTIDE (from Japan, album Pilgimeage Of The Soul, Pelagic records 2021)
MONO – EXIT IN DARKNESS (with A.A. Williams on vocals and piano, from Beyond the Past-Live in London with the Platinum Anniversary Orchestra, Pelagic records 2021)
THE LAST CRY – NEVER LET GO (from Brighton, new single 2021)
THE OPHELIAS– SACRIFICIAL LUMP (from Ohio, album Crocus, Joyful Noise Recordings 2021)

BLACK MARBLE – SOMEWHERE (from Fast Idol. Sacred Bones records 2021)
MARINA ALLEN – ORIGINAL GOODNESS (from debut Candlepower, Fire records 2021)
JOANNA SERRAT – TAKE ME BACK WHERE I BELONG (from Spain, album Hardcore from the Heart, Loose records 2021 – in her album participate musicians from Mercury Rev, Midlake….)
GUSTAF – BOOK (from Brooklyn, from album Audio Drag For Ego Slobs, Royal Mountain Records 2021)

CLINIC – FANTASY ISLAND (from Liverpool, from new album Fantasy Island, Domino records 2021)
MANNEQUIN PUSSY – CONTROL (from Philadelphia, from EP Perfect, Epitaph records 2021)
TURNSTILE – BLACKOUT (from Baltimore, album Glow on, Roadrunner records 2021)
SAD PARK – NOTHING EVER (from Los Angeles, from album It’s All Over, Lauren records 2021)
THE WAR ON DRUGS – LIVING PROOF (from I Don’t Live Here Anymore, Atlantic Records 2021)

GRAHAM COXON & VALENTINA PAPPALARDO –YOGA TOWN (the musician from Blur writes the soundtrack for graphic novel ‘Superstate’ – with the Italian Singer Valentina Pappalardo, Artist of grahics Kendall Goode, 2021)
VALENTINA PAPPALARDO – YOU KNOW WHER MY HAPPINESS WENT (from Italy, the former Hot Chip and Kano vocalist returns with a self-produced EP YOU KNOW WHER MY HAPPINESS WENT 2021)
ZOEE – HOST (from London. From her debut album Flaw Flower, Illegal Data Music 2021)

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