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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 16/05/2022

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New songs from musicians from United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, Turkey, Japan, France, Sweden
ZOLA JESUS – PRIME (from The Others (Lustmord Deconstructed), Pelagic records 2022)
STRIDULUM – COLLAPSE (from Poland, album Soothing Tales of Escapism, Manic Depression records 2022)
THE PENELOPES – NEVER LET ME DOWN AGAIN (from France, Depeche Mode cover, 2022)
KANA KANA – DUGUM (from Turkey, new single acoustic version, Tamar records 2022)
ABAY – PARADISE CIRCUS (from Germany, Massive Attack cover, album Conversions, Unter Shafen records)
BLACK DOLDRUMS – DREAMCATHCER (from London, album dead Awake, Fuzz records 2022)



WOVENHAND – OMAHA (from akbum Silver Sash, Glitterhouse records 2022)
ZEAL & ARDOR – EMERSION (from Switzerland, album Zeal & Ardor, GmBh records 2022)
NINA HAGEN – SHADRACK (from Germany, new single Groenland records 2022)
ROSALIE CUNNINGHAM – DUET (feat. Rosco) (the ex Ipso Facto in her new solo album Two Piece Puzzle, Esoteric records 2022)
SHARON VAN ETTEN – USES TO IT (from new single NOT in her new album, Jagjagwar records 2022)
SWEENEY – STAY FOR THE SORROW (from Australia, album Stay For The Sorrow, from the Greek label Sound In Silence records 2022)

ORSON HENTSCEL – VIBE (from Germany, album Heavy Light, Denovali records 2022)
FHUNYUE GAO & SVEN KACIREK – DUB GARDEN (from Switzerland and Kenya, album Haya, Attin Vilage & Mine records 2022)
JOHN LENKE – OVERTRUE (OF FUTURE PARST) (from UK, album Thawlines, Denovali records 2022)
KIKAGAKU MOYO – CARDBOARD PILE (from Japan, album Kumoyo Island, Guruguru records 2022 – the Japanese group announced that this is their last record)
VIAGRA BOYS – AIN’T NO THIEF (from Sweden, album Cave World, Year0001 records 2022)
SOFT CELL – HEART LIKE CHERNOBYL (from new album Happiness Not Included BMG 2022)
EDITORS – HEART ATTACK (from Birmingham, new single, Play It Again Sam 2022)
ARCADE FIRE – AGE OF ANXIETY (from Canada, album We, Arcade Fire music 2022)
KING HANNAH – ALL BEING FINE (from Liverpool, album I’m Not Sorry I was Just Being Me, City Slang records 2022)

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