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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 24/05/2021

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Η Ιταλία είχε πάντα ροκ άποψη…και όχι μόνο στη Eurovision

Αφιερωμένη η 1η ώρα στη σύγχρονη ροκ μουσική της Ιταλίας (Milano, Roma, Napoli, Bologna, Forli, Mantova, Cesena, Catana, Emilia, Rimini, Ravenna, Pordenone, Preddapio) -–some nice releases from Italy

μαζί και μερικές άλλες νέες κυκλοφορίες

Monday 24-5-2021

ASHRAM – LAST KISS (from Napoli, from album Shining Silver Skies, Equilibrium music 2009)
CALIBRO 35 – DEATH OF STORYTELLING (from Milano, album Momentum, Record Kicks records 2020)
TELLARO – WHO TOLD YOU RED FITS YOU? (from Catana Sicily, debut EP Tellaro, 2 ND Records 2004)
a/lpaca – MAKE IT BETTER (from Mantova, debut album Make It Better, We Were Never Be Boring records 2021)
CAT CLAWS – SHE KNOWS EVERY SINGLE PART OF THE CITY (from Roma, album Magic Powers, 42 records 2008)
SUEZ – WE ARE UNIVERSE (from Cesena, album, The Bones Of The Earth, Cagnis Records 2021)

JULIE’S HAIRCUT – THE DEVIL IN KATE MOSS (from Emilia, from double album Our Secret Ceremony, A Silent Placa records 2009)
MESHALINA – SOMETHING 2 DIE 4 (from Roma, album Something 2 Die 4, Militant records 2004)
IORI’S EYES – ANCHOR (from Milano, from EP in Comics Edition “And Everything Fits In The Yellow Whale”, Edizioni Zumpara Srl 2009)
MANUEL PISTACCHIO – OCEANO (from Rimini, Ravenna and Bologna, album Scordato Cuore, Brutture Moderne records 2021 – The line-up is currently composed by Diego Pasini (lyrics, voice and guitar), Lorenzo Camera (synth and arrangements), Francesco Giampaoli (bass and synth, also active in the well known instrumental band Sacri Cuori) and Arianna Pasini (guitar, keyboards and vocals)

FINE BEFORE YOU CAME – A CITY (from Milano, from Soundtrack of I Was Fine Before You Came (filmed by Antonio Rovaldi), and Novel Fine Before You Came, Black Candy records 2006)
PROZAC+ – DOVE SEI (from Pordenone, Gioia Nera, EMI 2004)
ALESSANDRO CORTINI – CHIAROSCURO (from Bologna, solo album the keyboardist/bassist from Nine Inch Nails, from album Scuro Chiaro, Mute 2021)
GIORGIO CANALI e ROSSOFUOCO – LEZIONI DI POESIA (from Preddapio, Forli, album Nostra Signora Della Dinamite, La Tempesta 2009)

And some brand new releases by…

WILL STRATTON – BLACK HOLE (from The Changing Wilderness, Bella Union 2021)
BOBBY GILLESPIE & JEHNNY BETH – CHASE IT DOWN (Primal Scream mastermind Bobby Gillespie and forme

r Savages frontwoman Jehnny Beth, from album Utopian Ashes, Sony Music 2021)
HURTSFALL – THE POWER (new single for Nottingham band, Reddit Inc. 2021)
Limiñanas feat. Laurent Garnier – Saul (from France, album De Pelicula, Because Music 2021)
FAT WHITE FAMILY – HEAVEN ON EARTH (Trashmouth remix) (Trashmouth’s remix of Heaven On Earth, undertaken in celebration of 10 Years Of Trashmouth Records.2021)
TINDERSTICKS – MAN ALONE (Can’t Stop The Fadin’) -Charles Webster Mix, single, City Slang 2021)
WHIMSICAL – GRAVITY (new single for Indiana band, Shelflife Records 2021)
MARTINA TOPLEY-BIRD – PURE HEART (the collaborator of Tricky in her new solo album Forever I Wait, 2021)

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