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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 24/10/2019

Με τον Κυριάκο Σκορδά

Κάθε Δευτέρα βράδυ 8.00 -10.00 μ.μ.

Στο ΡΟΔΟΝ FM 95.00 –

Αυτά παίξαμε στην εκπομπή της Δευτέρας 24-10-2019

You can listen all the 2hours radio show on mixcloud

FAT WHITE FAMILY – FEET (from Serfs Up!, Domino 2019)
THE MONOCHROME SET – REST, UNQUIET SPITIT (from Fabula Mendax, Tapete records 2019)
NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – WAITING FOR YOU (from Ghosteen, Ghosteen 2019)
SANDRO PERRI – WRONG ABOUT YOU (from Canada, album Soft Landing, Constellation 2019)
FLY PAN AM – BREEDING DECAY (from Canada, album C’est ca, Constellation 2019)

EFTERKLANG – VIR ER UENDELIG (from Denmark, album Altid Sammen, 4AD 2019)
WILCO – LOVE IS EVERYWHERE (from Ode to Joy, dBpm records 2019)
SHARRON VAN ETTEN – RADIO CURE (wilco cover 2019)
KIM GORDON – HUNGRY BABY (debut solo album by Kim, No Home record, Matador 2019)
PRAY FOR SOUND – ALL THE DAYS (from Waves, common release by A Thousand Arms, Dunk! Records, and Post. Recordings 2019)

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI – HITMEN (remix by JUstink Broderick, from album Buried Memories, H42 records 2019)


ΜΠΑΜΠΗΣ ΠΑΠΑΔΟΠΟΥΛΟΣΧΑΣΑΠΙΚΟ Νο 100519051801191523101925 (from Παραλογές του Άχρηστου, puzzlemusik 2019)
CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA – FALLING STARS (from Japan, album Forgotten Hill, ROOM40 records 2019)
LAURIE ANDERSON, TENZIN CHOEGYAL & JESSE PARIS SMITH – LOTUS BORN, NO NEED TO FEAR (New album by Laurie Anderson with the daughter of Patti Smith (Jesse) and the musican from Tibet Tenzin Choegyal, album Songs From The Bardo, Smithsonian Folkways records 2019)

LUKE HOWARD – ALIEN MOONSCAPE (from The Sand That Ate The Sea,, Mercury KX records)
APPARAT – GOODBYE (from OST Dark, 2019)
CHURCH OF THE SEA – AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD (from Greece, from EP Anywhere But Desert, A Man Out Of The Man 2019)
TÖRZS – Első (from Hungary, albumTükör, Author’s Edition 2019)
ARCTIC SUNRISE – BREAK OF THE DAY (from Across the Ice, 2019)

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