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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 27/05/2019

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H εκπομπή της 27ης Μαΐου 2019

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CHUMBAWAMBA – I WISH THAT THEY’D SACK ME (traditional, after elections song…, album The Boy Bands Have Won, Westpark Music 2008)
MAC DEMARCO – PREOCCUPIED (from Here Come The Cowboy, Caroline International 2019)
CATE LE BON – DAYLIGHT MATTERS (from Wales, album Reward, Mexican Summer 2019)
WIVES – WAVING PAST NIRVANA (debut single, City Slang 2019)
WOLFMANHATTAN PROJECT feat. Lydia Lunch – JAR IN THE STAIRCASE (from Blue Gene Stew, In The Red records 2019)

BUDOS BAND – GHOST TALK (from album V, Daptone Recordings 2019)
RAMMSTEIN – RADIO (from new album named Rammstein, Universal 2019)
A SPELL INSIDE – FEHLERMELDUNG (also from Germany, album Masterplan, Broken Silence 2019)
KAP BAMBINO – ERASE (from France, album Dust Fierce Forever, Because Music records 2019)
BAPTISTE W. HAMON – BLOODY MARY (also from France, album Soleil, Soleil Blue, BMG 2019)

T-BONE BARNETT – BEEING THERE (from 71years old musician new album The Invisible Light Acoustic Space, Electro Magnetic Corporation/Verve Forecast 2019)
SUNN O))) feat. Icelander Hildur Guonadottir – BETWEEN SLEIIPNIR’S BREATHS (from album LifeMetal, Southern Lord records 2019)

MONO – PARTING (from Japan, album Nowhere Now Here, Pelagic records 2019)
ANDREW BIRD – MANIFEST (from My Finest Work Yet, Loma Vista recordings 2019)

KAREN O & DANGER MOUSE – TURN THE LIGHT (singer of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, album Lux Prima, BMG 2019)
KANGLING – HILLS AND VALLEYS (from Brussels, debut album Graceful Machines, Sabam For Future music 2019)
DIVINE COMEDY – QUEEJUMBER (from Office Politics, DC records 2019)

GLEN HANSARD – RACE THE BOTTOM (from Ireland as well, album This Wild Willing, ANTI-records 2019)
KEVIN MORBY – NOTHING SACRED/ALL THINGS WILD (from Oh My God, Dead Oceans records 2019)
LOU DOILLON feat. Cat Power – IT’S YOU (from Soliloquy, Universal 2019)
MICHELE BLADES – KISS ME ON THE MOUTH (from Panama, new album Visitor, Midnight Special 2019)
NORAH JONES – A SONG WITH NO NAME (from A Collection Of Singles, Capitol records 2019)

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