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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 28/09/2020


Με τον Κυριάκο Σκορδά

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Αυτά παίξαμε στην εκπομπή της Δευτέρας 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020

Some new songs from artists all over the world (3 of them are from Mexico, two from France and Australia and also from Faeroe Islands, Ireland, New Zealand, Holland, Norway, UK and US


You can listen all the 2hours radio show on mixcloud


KATIE GATELY – WALTZ (from her 2nd album Loom. Houndstooth records 2020)
HACHIKU – I’LL PROPABLY BE ASLEEP (new band from Australia (but the singer Anika Ostendorf is from …Germany, album I’ll Propably Asleep, Milk! Records 2020)
(a new spoken word track/b side of the new singe We Are All Cowards Now – but not in the new album, Concord records 2020)
GUNN TRUSCINSKI DUO – VALLEY SPIRAL (John Truscinski and Steve Gunn, from 2CD Soundkeeper, Three Lobbed Recordings 2020)

THE BATS – WARWICK (from legendary New Zealand band, album Foothills, Flying Nun records 2020)
ULVER – NOSTALGIA (from Norway, 12st record is Flowers of Evil, House of My Mythology 2020)

CNJR – I CAN SEE THE CHURCH BURNING THROUGH TE BINOCULARS (from Mexico, album I Can See The Church Burning, Future Archive records 2020)
LEWSBERG – COLD LIGHT OF DAY (from Holland, album Cold Light Of Day, Lewsberg records 2019)

MATT BERNINGER – SERPENTINE PRISON (the singer of National in his debut solo album Serpentine Prison, Book records 2020)

LAURA VEIRS – TURQUISE WALLS (from her 11st album My Echo, Bella Union 2020)
Tiña – Golden Rope (from London, debut album Positive Mental Health Music, Speedy Underground 2020)
GIIRLS – PARALYZED (from France, album Far Reality, Lamina records 2020)
LANDSHAPES – THE RING (from London, album Contact, Bella Union 2020)

NOTHING BUT THIEVES – UNPERSON (from Moral Panic, RCA records 2020)
HIFIKLUB feat. Matt Cameron of Pearl Jam – NAVIRE DE SAUVETAGE (from France, from EP Rupture, Electric Valley records 2020)
ELVOR – SLEEP ON IT (from Faeroe Islands, album Segl, the new album of Eivør Pálsdóttir, Eivør NUsic 2020)
THE GREEN CHILD – LOW DESK HIGH SELF (from Shimmering Basset, Upset The Rhythm Records 2020)
THE SMASHING PUMKINS – CYR (from Cyr, Sumerian Records 2020)

THE CRIBS feat. Lee Ranaldo – I DON’T KNOW WHO I AM (from Night Network, Sonic Blew records 2020)
DEATH BELLS – A DIFFERENT KIND OF HAPPY (from New Signs Of Life, Dais Records 2020)
DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – THE UNIVERSE (from Under The Spell Of Joy, Suicide Squeeze records 2020)
PILLOW QUEENS – HOLYSHOW (new female band Ireland, from album In Waiting, Pillow Queens music 2020)

MINT FIELD – SENTIMENTO MUNDIAL (from Mexico, album Sentimento Mundial, Felte records 2020)
BLOOD RED SHOES – WATCH ME BURN (new single for the duo of Brighton with Alice Go of Dream Wife, 2020)
HORRID RED – BRAZEN ALTARS (from Radiant Life, Soft Abuse 2020)
J.ZUNZ – OUVE-ME (from Mexico, album Hibiscus, Rocket recordings 2020)
RVG – PERFECT DAY (from Australia, album Feral, Our Golden Friend records 2020)

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