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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 28/10/2019


Με τον Κυριάκο Σκορδά

Κάθε Δευτέρα βράδυ 8.00 -10.00 μ.μ.

Στο ΡΟΔΟΝ FM 95.00 –


Αυτά παίξαμε στην εκπομπή της Δευτέρας 28-10-2019

You can listen all the 2hours radio show on mixcloud


JAMES LEVY – WHAT DO I KNOW (from Somebody, Inniit recordings 2019)
JONATHAN JEREMIAH – MOUNTAIN (from Good Day, PIAS records 2019)
BLACK MARBLE – FEELS (from Bigger Than Life, Sacred Bones records 2019)
PERRY BLAKE – SUMMER OF 2012 (from Songs Of  Praise, PIAS records 2019)

STEVE MASON (of Beta Band) – LIFE A RIPPLE (from EP, Coup d’état, Domino records 2019)
GRUF RHYS – PANG! (from Wales and in Welsh, ex leader of Super Ferry Animals, from album Pang!, Rough Trade records 2019)
COLDPLAY – ARABESQUE (new single from Every Day Life, Parlophone 2019)

PIROSHKA IS A NEW UK BAND – The four band members are former Lush vocalist/guitarist (and former redhead) Miki Berenyi, former Moose guitarist KJ “Moose” McKillop, Modern English bassist Mick Conroy and former Elastica drummer Justin Welch.

LUSH – HYPOCRITE (from Split, 4AD 1993)
PIROSHKA – NEVER ENOUGH (from debut Brickbat, Bella Union 2019)
ELASTICA – STUTTER(from Elastica, Deceptive records 1995)

EDITORS – SMOKES OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL DOOR (acoustic version from Black Gold/Deluxe Edition/Distance the acoustic recordings, PIAS 2019)
PJ JARVEY feat. Gillian Anderson– THE SADMAN (from OST All About Eve, Lakeshore records 2019)

New Order Live album at Manchester named ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) with a 12-piece synthesizer orchestra….

NEW ORDER – SHELLSHOCK (from Live Album named ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) , Mute 2019)
NEW ORDER – DECADES (from Live Album named ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) , Mute 2019)

BAMBARA –SERAFINA (from Stray, Wharf Cat records 2020)
WIVES – THE 20 TEENS (from debut So Removed, City Slang 2019)
LIFE – BUM HOUR (from A Picture Of Good, Afghan Mood/PIAS 2019)
THOUSAND YARD STARE – IT SPARKS! (new single after 25 years for the UK band, Aardvak records 2019)

ODDARRANG – AMBER (from Finland, album Hypermetros, Editions records 2019 – the album is dedicated to Icelander composer Johann Johannsson)
QUEEN ELEPHANTINE – MERCURY (a band formed in Hong Kong, from, new album Gorgon, Atypeek Musik records 2019)

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