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Μουσικό Μακροβούτι – 29/06/2020

Με τον Κυριάκο Σκορδά

Κάθε Δευτέρα βράδυ 8.00 -10.00 μ.μ.

Στο ΡΟΔΟΝ FM 95.00 –

Τέλος Ιουνίου…

Αυτά παίξαμε στην εκπομπή της Δευτέρας 29 Ιουνίου 2020


You can listen all the 2hours radio show on mixcloud

JAMES ELKINGTON – EVER-ROVING EYE (from Ever Roving Eye, Paradise of Bachelor records 2020)
I LIKE TRAINS – THE TRUTH (from Compromat, Atlantic Curve 2020)
GUM – DON’T LET IT GO OUT (from Out In The World, Spinning Tom records 2020 – GUM is the project of Jay Watson from the groups of Tame Impala and Pond…)
ROSE CITY BAND – ONLY LONELY (from Summerlong, Thrill Jockey records 2020 – a new band from Ripley Johnson of Moon Duo and of Wooden Shjips)

DRAMARAMA – BENEATH THE ZENITH (from Color TV, Pasadena records 2020)
CABLE TIES – SANDCASTLES (new band from Australia, from debut Far Enough, Poison City records 2020)
SCOTTI BRAINS – ARISTORATS (from single Aristorats, Speedy Wunderground records 2020)
BAMBARA – DEATH CROONS (from Stray, Wharf Cat records 2020)
POTTERY – TAKE YOUR TIME (from Welcome to Bobby’s Motel, Partisan records 2020)
NAP EYES – THOUGH I WISH I COULD (from Snapshot Of A Beginner, Jagjaguwar records 2020)
FONTAINES D.C. – I DON’T BELONG (from A Hero’s Death, Partisan records 2020)

some movie’s music…
MOGWAI – VISIT ME (from TV series ZEROZEROZERO, Rock Action records 2020)
JOHANN JOHANNSON – PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF THE LAST HUMAN BEEINGS (from the very last album of this great Icelandic composer Last And First Men, where Hildur Dudnadottir is participating, music for his film (his first and only film that directed…) – the cd has been released with the Blue Ray DVD of the film, Deuthche Grammophon 2020)
SOTIRIS DEBONOS – ENTERING THE FOREST (music from the film of Minos Nikolakakis ALYTH, puzzlemuzik 2020)
BLOC PARTY – PIONEERS (M83 remix) (from the Netflix TV series DARK season 3, 2020)


HANNI EL KHATIB – LEADER (from Flight, Innovative Leisure records 2020)
MURMAN TSULADZE – LA FEMME DE DANSER (from Georgia, single, Karadeniz 2020)
BICHE – DISCIPLINE (from France, new single, Banquise records 2020)
DISQ – GENTLE (from debut album Collection, Saddle Creek records 2020)

BIFFY CLYRO – TINY INDOOR FIREWORK (from A Celebration of Endings, Warner 2020)
RVG – PERFECT DAY (from Feral, Fire records 2020)
MNNQNS – LIMITS OF TOWN (from France, album Body Negative, Fat cat records 2020)
DEEPER – THE KNIFE (from Auto-Pain, Fire talk records 2020)
BONNY LIGHT HORSEMAN – THE ROVING (from s/t debut album, 37d03d records 2020)

Βουτάμε χειμώνα – καλοκαίρι
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