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Persona Grata 24/4/2017

Αυτό είναι το playlist της κασέτας ”Persona Grata – 24/4”


1.Blue Of Noon – Guidance single released 13 April 2017

2.Day Wave – Something Here from debut album ‘The Days We Had’ out in May

3.Madrugada – The Lost Gospel from ‘The Deep End’ released 11 April 2005

4.JAWS – CAST from ‘Simplicity’ 4th November 2016.

5.Kasabian – Are You Looking for Action? from “For Crying Out Loud”. 5 May 2017

6.Mountain States – Sirens The second single from the upcoming debut album, Whispers, out May 2, 2017

7.Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Henry Lee from Murder Ballads February 20, 1996

8.Maximo Park – What Equals Love from Risk to Exist
21 April 2017

9.The Jesus And Mary Chain – Mood Rider from ‘Damage and Joy’ 24 March 2017

10.undertheskin – BURN New single from upcoming undertheskin album!! released April 18, 2017

11.Echo & The Bunnymen – Bring on the Dancing Horses a single released on 14 November 1985 from compilation album Songs to Learn & Sing.

12.Astral Skulls – What We Lost ”What We Lost” is the first single off Astral Skulls sophomore album (which will be out February 2018). released March 28, 2017

13.Editors – All Sparks from The Back Room Released
25 July 2005


1.BOA – Steal it new single released March 17th.

2.The Stone Roses – All For One is a single released in the UK on 12 May 2016, over 20 years after their last release

3.Secret Shine – Falling Again from There Is Only Now Released: 17 Mar 2017

4.Maybird – Keep in Line from Keep in Line Released: Mar 31, 2017

5.The Charlatans – Plastic Machinery from Different Days released on 26 May 2017

6.NONN – ‘Need’ NONN’s debut S/T LP will be released on Fuzz Club May 26th.

7.Green on red – The Drifter from Gas Food Lodging 1985

8.Veil Of Light – Soul In Ethanol from “Front Teeth” out on Avant! Records May 4. 2017

9.White Rose Transmission – Love Or Just Loveless from Spiders In The Mind Web – 08 Mar 2010

10.The Sound – Winning From ”the Lions Mouth” 1981

11.The Pale White – Turn It Around new single 15/4/2017

12.Solomon O – Holograms debut single 17 March 2017

13.The Cure – Grinding Halt from Three Imaginary Boys 8 May 1979

14.Joy Division – Disorder from Unknown Pleasures, the debut studio album released on 15 June 1979

15.Iggy Pop – Candy Ft. Kate Pierson Single by Iggy Pop
from the album Brick by Brick Released September 19, 1990

16.COIN – Heart Eyes from ‘How Will You Know If You Never Try’ Release: 4/21/17 (C) 2016