Rodon FM


Persona Grata Live Radio Show 14.10.2019

Side A

Newmoon – Vague
Medicine Men – Getaway Driver
Tin Pigeons – Breathe In
Kitchenette – Mary
Null Device – Last Call to December
Nik Freitas – Aviso Amor
baden baden – Post Romantique
Kodiak Galaxy – Running Out Of Reasons
#Well_Whale – Pipe Dream
Moon Loves Honey – She Dives
City Calm Down – Cut The Wires
Broken Chanter – Wholesale
Porcelain Dream – Tonight

Side B

Rue Oberkampf – La Course
SUPERNOVA 1006 – Your Mess
A Projection – Something Whole
undertheskin – Burn (She Pleasures HerSelf Remix)
Sonsombre – Coming For You
Syntet – När jag mår som bäst
Crying Vessel – The Second Sleep
The Anix – Renegade
Linea Aspera – Preservation Bias
Closed mouth – Carry Me Back
Lord Travvis – Death Rock
Mavroskeleto – On the Tracks
CANTER – Hemlock
Νήματα – Τα Blues Της Λύκαινας

Thank You (C) 2016