Rodon FM


Persona Grata Live Radio Show


Side A

#Black_Crystals – Opening
Moenia – Summer Drive
Blue Kid On The Rock – Summer Platitudes
Plastic Estate – There Must Be More Than This
Handful of Snowdrops – The Four Winds
Vacant Windows – This Is A Lie
Morrissey Official – Bobby, Don’t You Think They Know?
Matt Watts Group – Sha La La La Jim
Ratboys– I Go Out At Night
Whimsical – Solace (The Churchhill Garden)
#Broken_Up – Long Long Long
THE VAGINA LIPS – I Don’t This Day To End
#The_Men – Children All Over The World
Martha’s Laundry – Empty Nation
Mani Deum – Missing Link To Nostalgia

Side B

Ritual Howls – Safe Haven From The Sun
Then Comes Silence – We Lose The Night
Cerulean Veins – Revenge Of The Lonely
Dead Stop – Crystal
Lost Messages – Taste Like Void
#Lovers_Guilt – Into The Night
#Phil_Shoenfelt – Psycho
Highlands – Dizzy ’84
Lunaires – Healing Hurricanes
Caspian – Circles on Circles
Antiflvx – Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover)
A Transition – Runaways

Thank You 😉 (C) 2016