Rodon FM


Persona Grata Radio Show – 04.06.2018

Rsn – Cherry Tree Feat. Kathrin deBoar

Orchid Collective – Otherside

Communions – Hymn

Tallies – Mother

Nalyssa Green – Παπαρούνα

Widdendream – Cold World

Magnets and Ghosts – Fire

Ocean Hope – Safe

Piers Baron – Leap Of Faith

@Heavenly Faces – Far

ACTORS – We Don’t Have to Dance

The KVB – Above Us

tiny deaths – Always

Repairs – Sacred

Bob Moses – Heaven Only Knows

Chatham Rise – Hummingbird


@Sice x Loneliness – Suicide Motives

@Aya.Metawally – Lugere

@Paperclip Eyes – City Rushing through Steep Light

I R L (InRottenLand) – IRL#1 (Birth)

TourdeForce – Dresden (Ascension mix)

Γιάννης Αγγελάκας – Παύλος Παυλίδης, B-Movies – Η Νέα Βαρβαρότητα

Thud – Ado

LOST BEACH – Looking Glass

@Without Emotion – Vague À L’âme

We Are The Line – Undone

Blume – Ajax

L.A. Girlfriend – Ex

@André Leo (Medicine Boy) – Lily Bones / Something Bad

@фалафель на углах [falafel on the corners] – На скейте по ночному проспекту/On skate on the night avenue

Svemirko – Zauvijek Zen


Thank You For Listening (C) 2016