Rodon FM


Persona Grata Radio Show 24.09.2018

Motorama – No More Time
VHS DREAMS – Personal Jesus )Depeche Mode cover)
blancmange – Not A Priority
six by seven – DEVIL
The alcoholic’s afternoon – Time
Brave Young Years – Good Night
Bootchy Temple – The Man With The Cane
The KVB – On My Skin
Creux Lies – Portals
The Father And The Sun – Culture
City Calm Down – Distraction/Losing Sleep
Leader – Leader – Open Skies
Electronic Zoo – Shadows
Bragolin – Into Those Woods
Human Tetris – Things I Don’t Need
Progress In Color – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)
after l’Amour – respire
Date at Midnight – Lights Off/Lights On
The Cure – Grinding Halt
Soon, She Said – Stay
The Verve – Sonnet
Buzz Kull – Rent Boy (HTRK Cover)
Massage – Crying Out Loud
Some Sprouts – She Longs For You
Shagreen – This This
beautiful mechanica – Honeychoke
Radiohead – There, There
Garbage – The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
unhappybirthday – Niederung
Selfishadows – Inside My Own




Thank you……!!!! (C) 2016