Rodon FM


Persona Grata Radio Show 30.04.2018

Crying Vessel – The Second Sleep (Steve Monti Remix)
Misfortunes – Μια Στιγμή Αρκεί
Geometric Vision – fire!fire!fire!
Munich – Children of the Dark
Infinite Void – Dark Dreams
Breaking Lights – flying blind
Palace Winter – Take Shelter
Cockatoo – kill
Human Resources – Later Love (Feat. Little Stranger)
SOFT COVER – Primal Desire


Liebe – Together in Electric Dreams (Phil Oakley & Giorgio Moroder cover)
Hospital – Nothing but Love
Silly Joy – Shot by one
Аpтek Электрониka [Artek Elecronika] – Прощай Моя Планета [Goodbye My Planet] Oscuridad Romántico – By The Riverside
Cold Cave – Glory
TRAITRS – Thin Flesh
Color Theory – In Space, No One Can Hear You Cry
Pinkshinyultrablast – Dance AM
I Can Fly – Mars One
Moth Palace – ily
antsaws – Loveless
Mogwai – Donuts


Thank you……

-Apostolos Grabovas- (C) 2016