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Rock Είσαι & Φαίνεσαι – 23/12/2019 Best of female voices 2019

Here’s the top 40 – best of female voices countdown of the year 2019 by Rock Είσαι & Φαίνεσαι – Rodon 95FM on Rodon FM (Official)

40.Emily Cross (Loma the band) (Texas, US) – Half Silences
39.Meagan Grandall (Lemolo) (Seattle, US) – High Tide
38.Kate Teague (Oxford, Mississippi, US) – Gilly
37.Skye Wallace (Toronto, Canada) – Suffering For You
36.Kate Davis (West Linn, Oregon, US) – Rbbts
35.Lisa Brammer (Dakota) (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – 101
34.Patty Griffin (Old Town, Maine, US) – River
33.Harmony Byrne (Melbourne, Australia) – Loving You Is Lonely
32.Carla Capela (LOLA LOLA) (Porto, Portugal) – Killed a Man in a Field
31.Alexandra Savior (Portland, Oregon, US) – Crying All The Time
30.Alice Phoebe Lou (Alice Matthew) (Kommetjie, South Africa) – Galaxies
29.Manuela Iwansson (Stockholm, Sweden) – Blank Surface
28.Lydia Plain (Athens – London) – Να μη με ξεχάσεις
27.Margaret Sohn (Miss Grit) (Michigan, US) – The Bride
26.Katie Ball (Just Mustard) (Dundalk, Ireland) – Frank
25.Ella O’Connor Williams (Squirrel flower) (Boston, US) – Red Shoulder
24.ioanna gika (Los Angeles, California, US) – Roseate
23.Nguyen Ly (PAAR) (Munich, Germany) – Crack
22.Amandine Stioui (Minuit Machine) (Paris, France) – DRGS (Drugs)
21.Elizabeth Morris (Elva) (Moss, Norway) – Athens
20.Μαρία Βούλγαρη (Marva VoulgariMarva Von Theo) (Athens, Greece) – Embrace This Madness
19.Sam Valdez (Los Angeles, US) – Turn
18.Rosie Tucker (Los Angeles, California, US) – Ambrosia
17.Victoria Jenkins (Fragile Animals) (Brisbane, Australia) – Waiting
16.Monika Christodoulou (MONIKA) (Athens, Greece) – Ξημερώνει
15.Kennedy Ashlyn (SRSQ – former Them Are Us Too) (Dallas, Texas, US) – Temporal Love
14.Brittany Howard (Athens, Alabama, US) – Stay High
13.Sondra Sun-Odeon (Los Angeles – New York, US) – Roses In The Snow
12.Angelina Herrera (Apartamentos Acapulco) (Granada, Spain) – Deseo
11.Marika Hackman (London, UK) – I’m not Where You Are
10.courtney barnett (Melbourne, Australia) – So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen’s Cover – 1967)
9.Hannah Sian Topp (Aldous Harding) (Lyttelton, New Zealand) – Zoo Eyes
8.Sharon Katharine Van Etten (Sharon Van Etten) (Brooklyn, New York, US) – Seventeen
7.Carla dal Forno (Melbourne – Berlin – London) – No Trace
6.Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (Lana Del Rey) (New York, US) – Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have – but i have it
5.Brooke Bentham (London, UK) – Perform for You
4.Victoria Cecilia (Gliss) (Berlin – Los Angeles – Copenhagen) – Jesus’ Son
3.Tessa Murray (Still Corners) (London, UK) – The Calvary Cross (Richard & Linda Thompson’s Cover – 1974)
2.Chelsea Wolfe (Sacramento, California, US) – Be All Things
1.Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief) (Brooklyn, New York, US) – Not




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